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Social Media
Graphic Designer

Let me turn your projects into shareable graphics to highlight new releases, create audio samples, and highlight your past works.

Rate: $25 / per image
         *Discounts offered for larger quantity orders


Social Media Coordinator

Consistent posting, monitoring, and refreshing of your social media feed so you can focus on writing or narrating. Includes coordination of Facebook pages, reader groups, Instagram & Twitter accounts.

Rate: Monthly or quarterly packages to fit your needs


Author Assistant

Let Royal Reads keep you organized so you can keep creating!

  • Blurb writing

  • Newsletters

  • Website Design

  • Book box promotion materials

  • ARC / ALC programs

  • Social media posting schedules

Rate: $25 per hour

Event Coordinator

When you need a helping hand in making the big event happen, call on Royal Reads.

From hosting an author table at a reader event, to leading a stage cr
ew for a playwright's live performance in Vegas.

Royal Reads is with you every step of the way.


Rate: Based Per Event Project

Assistant for Audiobook Production

Indie Authors need someone they can trust in navigating the myriad of choices for audiobook production options. Which companies are available, which narrators are right for your characters, is the manuscript ready for solo, dual or duet narration?


Let Royal Reads be your guide! Our services are here to help you decide the best way to bring your audiobook to life.

Rate: $75 for one hour consult meeting 

Scene Ghost Writer

Finding the motivation for writing a scene can be elusive. Let Royal Reads assist by developing a scene with your characters and scenarios in mind. Jump start your writing flow or use as a full replacement for a missing scene within your manuscript.

Rates Available Upon Request


Content Editor

A guiding hand for developing your plot, producing scenes, editing, and analyzing the big picture. Royal Reads will meet you where you are from a rough draft all the way to an almost completed manuscript.

Rates Available Upon Request

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